About Observ

Community Driven | Charity Focused | Massive Rewards

Token Details

  • Name: Observ
  • Symbol: OBSERV
  • Contract Address: 0x5e56394422782690653733DA4829c056B900BD18
  • Decimals: 9

Our Mission

Our mission at Observ is to raise awareness about the threats that our environment faces and to encourage users to problem solve and participate in the resolution to solve those threats. The first step in resolving threats is to Observ(e), only then are we free to create resolutions. By expanding environmental education, we create a cleaner planet.
Through our web ecosystem we hope to achieve this. Users on our platform will be exposed to environmental education and encouraged to visit the website of our charity. By becoming a highly desired, creditable, and trustworthy ecosystem we potentially expose thousands to our charity and our mission.
To support our charity, 100% of the profits from items purchased through our merchandise store go to support our charity of choice EarthJustice. The work at EarthJustice has saved irreplaceable wild-lands, cleaned up the air we breathe, and fueled the rise of 100% clean energy.
Not only does Observ provide a profitable environment for its users, Observ users feel great because they are also supporting charity.
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